In the 1980’s, you could put your money into a savings account at your High Street bank and they’d pay you guaranteed 7-10% interest every year. The compound interest meant that it was true passive income.

But saving no longer means what it used to. The 2008 financial collapse wiped out interest rates for the past decade and you need to actually invest in something if you want your money to grow. Saving isn’t enough.

A few years ago, I did some research and everything I found (from Warren Buffet to Jim Collins) agreed that the reliable thing to do is invest in index funds. And when I checked with the smartest people I know, it turned out that that’s what they were all doing.

But… back then, it was still difficult for people like me to invest. You needed to learn about (and choose) a broker, pay exorbitant fees, and have a large lump sum to get started.

Then the internet started to catch up and new companies like Nutmeg made index funds accessible to everybody and in 2016, I opened an account.

You get a globally-diversified portfolio of index funds based on your appetite for risk. I chose 8/10 which seems risky but I want to invest primarily in index funds, not bonds.

I started in 2016 with £500 and a monthly contribution of £100 by direct debit. Now that my income is higher (and we’ve paid of old student loans) I invest £500/mo.

Fees are already low but when you sign up with this link, you’ll get 6 months free. I also get a small referral fee from Nutmeg (which helps support

I’ll update this page to add more resources in the future but for now, starting a Nutmeg account is the highest impact thing I’ve done.

Updated 25th August 2018.